AMSA assisting bulk carrier in Coral Sea

Saturday 19 May 2012
Media Release

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is currently providing assistance to a bulk carrier which has broken down in the Coral Sea.

At around 6:00pm AEST on Friday 18 May, the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier, ID Integrity advised AMSA’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia) that it had suffered an engine breakdown en route from Shanghai to Townsville.

The unladen vessel is now drifting in a westerly direction towards Shark and Vema Reefs (approximately 175 nautical miles north-east of Cairns).

As at 11:45am AEST today (19 May), the vessel is approximately 20 nautical miles east of Shark Reef. The crew is currently attempting to repair the engine, in the hope that the vessel will be able to resume its passage.

Contingency planning is underway in case the crew cannot get the engine restarted. AMSA is considering all possible scenarios and discussions are being held with the ship, ship owners and the insurer’s representatives to ensure everything is done to assist the vessel.

The owners of the vessel have dispatched two tugs to the scene. AMSA has also tasked the Emergency Towage Vessel (ETV) Pacific Responder. The first tug is due on scene on Sunday morning (20 May).

RCC Australia is also communicating with other vessels in the area which may be able to provide assistance.