AMSA coordinates salvage response for fishing trawler

Monday 10 June 2013
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is coordinating the salvage of a fishing trawler Joseph M which ran aground near Lady Elliot Island early on Thursday morning.
Media Release

The salvage operation is due to take place on Wednesday evening at high tide.

Salvage specialists have inspected the 18 metre trawler and report the hull remains intact, but the trawler may have sustained some damage during the grounding. The trawler is in a safe and stable position and has been ballasted to ensure it is secure and does not move around the reef. It is not exposed to wind or waves in its current position.

Preparations for the salvage operation have begun with the development of a salvage plan and equipment being transported to the island. The only evidence of pollution is a small diesel sheen that was observed following the initial grounding and has since dissipated. Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) has transported oil spill response equipment to the scene should it be required.

The following preparations are in place ahead of the salvage attempt:

  • On scene pollution response officers from MSQ and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Pollution modelling, allowing the response teams to position equipment appropriately
  • An additional tug is due to arrive later this afternoon to provide extra support to salvage teams.

AMSA, MSQ and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority staff on the scene are working with the salvors and crew of the vessel to minimise the damage to the surrounding environment.

The crew have cooperated with authorities and are making every effort to assist in the salvage operation. The Lady Elliot Island resort owners are assisting the salvage efforts and their support is appreciated.