AMSA inspectors to attend man overboard vessel

Tuesday 19 May 2020
At about 3.30am AEST on Monday 18 May a crew member on board the fishing trawler K Vern was lost overboard in heavy seas off the Sunshine Coast.
Media Release

The crew of the trawler are reported to have immediately thrown an EPIRB and floatation devices overboard whilst turning the vessel around and called for help from authorities. 

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) assisted Queensland Water Police with a search and rescue operation to attempt to find the missing seafarer. The search and rescue operation utilised several police and other surface vessels with four helicopters and two of AMSA’s Challenger jets. 

Despite searching an area of about 550 square nautical miles, unfortunately no sign of the missing seafarer was found and the search was suspended at last light on Monday. 

Two AMSA officers are currently attending the K Vern after it returned to port on Tuesday to investigate the circumstances around this incident. 

As the National Regulator for domestic commercial vessel safety, AMSA will determine whether there have been any breaches of safety regulations. 

AMSA will also be looking to see what lessons can be learned from this tragedy to enhance the safety of our commercial vessel sector. 

Queensland Police will also be attending the vessel as they prepare a report for the coroner. 

AMSA extends its deep sympathies to the family, friends and crewmates of the lost seafarer.