AMSA investigates source of canisters in Queensland

Friday 11 January 2013
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has used current modelling to determine the canisters washing ashore in Queensland are likely to have originated as an accidental cargo loss from a vessel outside the Great Barrier Reef.
Media Release

Based on the modelling provided, it is believed the canisters have been caught in the East Australia Current, therefore ruling out the possibility of a land-based origin and accounting for the wide distribution along the coastline.

AMSA has checked incident reports of cargo losses which show no record of a vessel having reported losing this type of cargo.

AMSA believes this was likely to have been a single accidental cargo loss, as the canisters are all unused it’s unlikely they were deliberately dumped in the ocean.

AMSA has taken extra measures in recent years to ensure cargo security for vessel with an emphasis on container securing at port State control inspections.

While AMSA will continue to monitor the situation, people are reminded to call 000 to report a discovery.

The canisters should not be moved or opened.