Beacon key in Tasmanian search and rescue

Friday 27 February 2015
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) coordinated the search and rescue of two people on board a recreational vessel, which ran aground near Cape Barren in Tasmania.
Media Release

AMSA Search and Rescue received a beacon activation alert about 7.50am (AEDT) on Friday.

A phone call to the registered owner's emergency contacts revealed two people on board a 7.6 metre boat were on a planned a journey from Musselroe Bay to Clarke Island.

AMSA Search and rescue diverted a light aircraft in the area to investigate and the boat was observed to have grounded near Cape Barren, part of the Flinders Island group, off the north east coast of Tasmania.

Another vessel travelling with the grounded vessel assisted with the response, along with a police vessel from Whitemark.

AMSA's Essendon based search and rescue aircraft arrived on-scene and located the two people ashore.

AMSA Search and Rescue also tasked a police helicopter from Hobart to assist and the crew was able to land on the beach and recover the two people about 10.10am.

They have been transferred to St Helens.

They did not sustain any injuries.

The correct registration of the beacon allowed AMSA Search and Rescue to task assets quickly to assist the pair.

AMSA urges all boaters to register their beacons and provide emergency contacts to assist in a timely response.

Boaters can also register their trip details on our website.