Consultation—Cost recovery under the national system

Monday 1 August 2016
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) invites you to take part in consultation on the proposed levy models and fees to recover the costs associated with delivering services to the domestic commercial vessel (DCV) industry under the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety (the National System). Please note that this consultation has now closed.

Consultation closed at 5 pm AEDT on Monday 10 October 2016.

The proposed implementation date for the levy and fees is 1 July 2017, to coincide with AMSA commencing service delivery under the National System.

AMSA is wholly funded by industry for its regulatory, aids to navigation and pollution prevention and response functions. This funding is currently provided through three levies largely paid by the international shipping industry in accordance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines.

Consistent with Australian Government policy and the Cost Recovery Guidelines, state, Northern Territory and commonwealth governments agreed to make AMSA the National Regulator for domestic commercial vessels (DCVs), and regulatory and service delivery functions are to be funded by the domestic industry.

During consultation, AMSA is proposing two different models for the introduction of a levy, as well as the proposed fees for services, and encourages you to consider the impact of both models and the fees and to provide your feedback.

AMSA values industry involvement during the process of planning and implementing change. Your response through this consultation process will provide valuable information that will help to implement the most appropriate cost-recovery system.

Go to the AMSA consultation page to:

  • find out all you need to know about the proposed levy options and the fees for services (read the information booklet and the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement), and
  • submit your feedback (you can do this online via the consultation page, download and print off a feedback form and post it to AMSA, or call AMSA Connect and ask for a form to be mailed to you along with a reply-paid envelope).

If you have a question about the proposed fees and the models for the levy:

  • Call AMSA Connect 02 6279 5000
  • Send an email with your questions to
  • Attend a question session at your nearest location. Please note that this consultation has ended and these sessions were held in 2016 and are no longer available.

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