Dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes handbook now available

Thursday 13 September 2018
The latest version of the dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes handbook is now available.
Container buckled in the middle under other containers

The handbook provides theoretical and practical guidance on the rules to shipping dangerous goods by sea. It also outlines the responsibilities of shore and ship based personnel and how these requirements may be enforced through port State control inspections or by action of the 'competent authority'.

The development of dangerous goods transport codes has been driven by the need for a safe transport chain designed to protect the safety of those involved, the general public and the environment.

The handbook is available to purchase for A$20 (plus GST and postage) or for orders of 100 or more A$15 each (plus GST and postage).

Read more about the latest version of the Dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes handbook.

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