Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety Management and Risk Assessment workshops

Tuesday 3 November 2015
AMSA launched the Risk and Safety Management Workshop Resource Kit in Hobart earlier this year for Domestic Commercial Vessel stakeholders.
Hobart workshop participants

In partnership with the Australian Maritime College, the kit is designed to help commercial vessel operators and crew tailor a safety management system for their operation. As a result of the launch, a series of Safety Management and Risk Assessment workshops for trainers and industry have been held around the country.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback has been received from participants who attended the sessions in Queenscliff, Port Melbourne and Perth.

Over 90 per cent of participants rated the workshops as either excellent or above average in purpose, outcomes and relevance. The material and delivery was also rated as highly useful and informative. Participation was considered to better prepare individuals and organisations to assist with applying both risk assessment processes and the establishment of safety management systems for their vessels.

Many comments were received that acknowledged this initiative as a positive step to engage with industry stakeholders in working towards a safer Domestic Commercial Vessel industry.

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