Ensure correct disposal of unwanted distress beacons

Monday 18 March 2013
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is reminding people to dispose of their unwanted distress beacons properly after three false alerts over the weekend.
Media Release

AMSA's Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia) responded to three distress beacons over the weekend that were not related to an emergency in North Canberra, and the suburbs of Williamstown and Lilydale in Melbourne.

The beacons were found at a waste facility in Lilydale, in long grass at Williamstown, and within an industrial estate in North Canberra.

This financial year to date, AMSA has had 32 confirmed cases of distress beacons being disposed of incorrectly.

In the 2011-12 financial year, there were 73 confirmed cases. Unwanted beacons can be disposed of free of charge in collection bins at Battery World stores around Australia.

Anyone selling or disposing of a registered 406MHz distress beacons should contact AMSA on 1800 406 406.

The seller is required to provide the purchaser’s name, address and phone number.

For more information on disposing of unwanted distress beacons, visit our website.