The ETV Coral Knight tests her emergency response capabilities

Wednesday 4 May 2016
From 17-20 April 2016, AMSA coordinated pollution response, emergency wreck marker buoy deployment and firefighting drills on board our emergency towage vessel, Coral Knight.

The ship's crew deployed the dedicated oil spill boom with the assistance of a work boat, conducted a 'J sweep', simulated the recovery of oil using specialised skimmers, tested the oil dispersant spray system, checked the oil transfer capabilities on board and recovered the boom.

To deploy an emergency wreck marker buoy the Master navigated the vessel to the predetermined position and maintained its position by using dynamic positioning (DP) mode. The ship's crew deployed and retrieved the emergency wreck marker buoy in a safe and controlled manner using a well prepared deck mooring and rigging gear, consisting of lifting slings, tag lines, shark jaw, tugger cable and ship's crane. A buoy lantern was also tested during the drill.

The Coral Knight's firefighting capabilities were tested using its general service (GS) fire pump, emergency fire pump and the fixed fire system driven by the vessel's main engine.

During the exercises, the Coral Knight followed the emergency communication protocols by involving AMSA's Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Cairns vessel traffic service, alerted nearby shipping and displayed the appropriate navigation signals.

Coral KnightCoral KnightCoral KnightCoral KnightCoral KnightCoral KnightCoral Knight

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