Exercise Torres 2018 cleans up

Wednesday 19 June 2019
Australia is home to some of the world's most sensitive marine areas-the Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait.
environmental exercise

These areas are protected by strong safety standards against reef damage and pollution from vessels transiting north-east waters. 

AMSA recognises the enormous consequences of maritime emergencies on communities where the environment has great subsistence and cultural value to traditional owners. 

It's the reason why we carried out Exercise Torres 2018, a multi-agency exercise based on an oil spill scenario in waters near remote communities in the Torres Strait. 

Key agencies from local councils, traditional owner groups, Maritime Safety Queensland and other government agencies took part in Exercise Torres 2018. 

More than 100 people were involved in consultation followed by a two-day field exercise in September. 

AMSA's Manager for Crisis Preparedness and Response, Jamie Storrie, said the operation to manage a level three oil spill response was a huge undertaking. 

"Inclusion of traditional owners in a marine disaster exercise is paramount to its success and even more important in a real incident," Jamie said. 

"We thank the traditional owners of the Torres Strait and the Kaiwalagal region for their enthusiasm in Exercise Torres 2018". 

You can read the full report on Exercise Torres 2018.

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