Have your say—safety on passenger vessels

Monday 26 August 2019
Over the next eight weeks we want to hear what you think about enhancing safety management on passenger vessels.
Sydney harbour ferry passengers

Following fatal and non-fatal incidents, we are consulting on opportunities to improve safety on passenger vessels in three key areas: 

  • Monitoring and accounting for passengers on board vessels.
  • Preventing passengers from falling overboard.
  • In the event a passenger does fall overboard—ensuring they can be retrieved quickly and safely.

We are interested in understanding:

  • If or how these key areas are currently being addressed in passenger vessel operators’ safety management systems.
  • Whether safety management systems are the best place to deal with these key areas, or
  • whether additional prescriptive regulation is required.

Safety is our key focus and we want to know what practical steps we can take to ensure the safety of the travelling public. 

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