Have your say: standards for wheelhouse visibility, escape, accommodation and personal safety

Monday 21 February 2022
Consultation is open until 24 April 2022.
Wheelhouse visibility, escape, accommodation, and personal safety – have your say on proposed changes

We are now inviting feedback on proposed changes to Part C1 of the National Standard for Commercial Vessels, which contains standards for wheelhouse visibility, escape, accommodation, and personal safety. 

The proposed changes include: 

  • meeting disability accessibility standards  
  • improved standards for escape routes, escape lighting and signage 
  • clarified definitions of ‘special working decks’ and ‘working decks’ 
  • further risk management associated with a person falling overboard and the recovery of persons overboard, by improving technology requirements and inclusion of a ‘no-climb’ zone 
  • a minor relaxation of when toilet and ship sanitation facilities must be fitted 
  • improved ventilation requirements  
  • improved safety requirements for pilot vessels 
  • changes to gangway requirements 
  • alignment of some requirements with already adopted national and international legislation and standards. 

It is proposed that the amended NSCV Part C1 will only apply to newly constructed vessels and vessels that undergo modifications to the arrangement, accommodation, and personal safety aspects of the vessel.

Following consultation, we propose that the new standard will come into effect on 1 January 2023 with a transition period of two years.

Learn more about these changes and submit your feedback.

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