Mellum Trader arrives safely in Broome

Friday 1 March 2013
The cargo vessel which was at risk of rolling after rough weather caused cargo to shift has arrived in Broome with the assistance of a commercial tug, the Yarra.
Media Release

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority will inspect the Mellum Trader‘s cargo security today after it travelled more than 250 nautical miles with a list of 15 degrees.

The vessel’s Master requested the AMSA’s assistance on Tuesday evening, reporting the vessel had a list (a tilt) of around 35 degrees. At the time, the vessel was 190 nautical miles north-west of Broome.

The vessel altered its course away from the coast later that evening, using the movement of the ocean to assist with the stability of the vessel and commenced ballasting in order to reduce the list to 15 degrees.

Another commercial tug, the Far Scimitar responded to a distress broadcast from AMSA’S Rescue Coordination Centre and travelled alongside the vessel for more than 30 hours to provide assistance if required.

On Wednesday night, the Mellum Trader’s Master reported the situation had stabilised and was comfortable to continue his passage to Broome despite still having a 15 degrees list.

The Master has confirmed rough weather caused the vessel’s cargo to shift, resulting in the listing. The Mellum Trader has 13 people on board and is carrying oil well development casings.

AMSA would like to thank the owners and operators of the Far Scimitar for their assistance in this incident.