Michelle Grech awarded the Bob Campbell prize for best presentation

Friday 13 December 2019
Michelle Grech, Manager Vessel Operations, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, was awarded the Bob Campbell Prize for the best presentation and paper at the PACIFIC 2019 International Maritime Conference (IMC 2019) in Sydney in October 2019.
Michelle Grech receiving the Bob Campbell prize for best presentation at the Pacific 2019 conference

Michelle's paper, entitled Assessing the determinants of safety culture in the maritime industry, focused on a collaborative research project between the University of Queensland, Curtin University and AMSA.

The research involved surveying more than 1000 seafarers from 197 ships comprising 23 flag States to gather their perspectives on safety culture, work demands, fatigue, mental health, personal wellbeing and safety performance.

The aim of the study was to identify the factors that have the strongest impact on safety on board international vessels operating in Australian waters, to provide recommendations on how to further improve safety.

The recommendations centre on:

  • improving the quality of work procedures
  • introduction of effective fatigue management systems and
  • improving the quality of work design and organisational support.

The findings of this study have been presented at a range of industry forums, briefings, and at the International Maritime Organization.

The study was funded by Australian Linkage Council with the paper co-authored by Dr Daniela Andrei, Professor Mark Griffin, and Professor Andrew Neal. A full report of the study and the recommendations is available on the AMSA website.

About the Bob Campbell Prize

The Bob Campbell Prize is a new award presented at the Pacific 2019 International Maritime Conference (IMC). It is awarded to the person delivering the best presentation of a written paper to the IMC.

A commemorative trophy and a monetary award is presented by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, and commemorates the legacy of Mr Robert Campbell FRINA, a Past President of the Division, who was a prime mover in the organising of early joint conferences with the Institute of Marine Engineers for many years and was the chair of the Organising Committee for the first Pacific IMC held in 2000.

Michelle has donated the prize money to a seafarer welfare committee.

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