My Boat provides easy access to on-board safety standards

Monday 29 August 2016
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has launched a new online application giving users easy access to safety standards for commercial boats.
Media Release

My Boat helps boat owners and operators understand their safety obligations and provides guidance on what might be required if they decide to upgrade or change their boat. Users can enter information about a boat, which is then used to generate a guide to relevant standards. It will also be a valuable tool for marine surveyors.

AMSA naval architect Rob Maher said My Boat does not replace the need for accredited marine surveyors, but gives users an overall picture of regulatory requirements.

'Owners and operators can use My Boat to make informed decisions, with less time and money spent interpreting standards and employing consultants,' Mr Maher said.

'The application provides a snapshot of the safety standards, tailored to users’ needs, which will be particularly useful when considering upgrading or changing class.'

AMSA is working to improve safety under the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessels. My Boat has been designed to give industry the tools to increase safety awareness and develop a safety culture on-board.

The My Boat application is available now through the AMSA website.

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Rob Maher is available for interview to discuss the My Boat application and the support available for commercial vessels.