New survey category

Wednesday 20 December 2017
From 1 January 2018, domestic commercial vessel (DCV) owners can make certain changes to their 'existing vessel' without having to meet all the standards that apply to a 'new vessel'. Eligible vessels will become a 'transitional vessel'.

As a transitional vessel, it will be easier for owners of existing vessels to make changes to their vessel or its operations. Owners can choose to upgrade all aspects of their vessel to meet the 'new vessel' standards, or to apply the alternative flexible standards now provided in Marine Order 503-certificates of survey.

These changes provide greater clarity for industry and surveyors and allow owners to gradually upgrade their vessels to contemporary safety standards, improving safety while easing the burden.

Owners of 'existing vessels' that do not make any changes to their vessel can continue to comply with their grandfathered requirements.

The Certificate of Survey (Scheme S) guidance outlines the changes to an existing vessel or its operations, which will result in it becoming a transitional vessel and the alternative set of safety standards which can be applied.

For more information read Marine Order 503 and the transitional vessel flowchart which outlines eligibility requirements for the transitional vessel category.

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