Safe boating means being prepared

Monday 4 October 2021
Have you seriously considered what could go wrong on your vessel, and what to do in an emergency?
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Having the correct safety equipment can help you survive when the unexpected happens. To be effective, safety equipment needs to be properly maintained and stored so that when needed, it works.  

You also should be able to access it easily. In an emergency you may have as little as 30 seconds to grab your safety equipment and activate your emergency beacon. Take the 30 second challenge to find out if you’re ready for such an emergency.  

Some items of safety equipment—such as life rafts and beacons—must be placed in a specific location for effective deployment in an emergency, and of course you should always be wearing your lifejacket when on deck or in an open vessel. Make sure you know how to use each piece of safety equipment in your kit without instructions and in the dark.  

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for advice on proper use and servicing. Make a checklist of all your safety equipment to keep track of what equipment you own and when it needs to be serviced.  

Remember, being prepared with your safety equipment can be the difference between life and death when out at sea.  

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