Safety made simpler—streamlining sessions commence

Wednesday 20 December 2017
James Clement, Chief Operating Officer of Mareterram Limited, operates 10 prawn trawlers out of Carnarvon in Western Australia.
James Clement, Chief Operating Officer Mareterram Limited

On Friday 9 May AMSA commenced its National System streamlining consultation, hosting a session in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Hon. Warren Truss MP, attended the session and addressed the 35 commercial domestic vessel operators who came to share their views on the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety (National System). Hervey Bay is home to almost 200 domestic commercial vessel operators from fishing and trawling fleets, through to charter and workboats, and hire and drive vessels.

Mr Truss and Keith Pitt, Member for Hinkler, were welcomed by AMSA Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mick Kinley.

In his address, Mr Truss highlighted the immense contribution of domestic operators.

'As a born and bred regional Queenslander, I know the vital contribution the domestic commercial maritime sector makes to communities across this country.

'They range from the tuna fleets of Port Lincoln in South Australia to the ferries providing transport links between the mainland and the islands of Queensland's far north,' Mr Truss said.

Mr Truss also spoke of the importance of the reforms and their cooperative nature.

'The proposals for reform that you will hear about this afternoon are not only those of AMSA, but of the state and territory maritime agencies as well.

'This reform process is important economically, because it will help make the domestic commercial vessel sector safer, more reliable, more efficient and more competitive.

'But it's also of immediate importance to each of you, because it's about the rules that can make your daily working lives easier or more complicated, and make your working environment safer,' Mr Truss said.

A total of 24 sessions will be held across Australia in the coming two months. The consultation focuses on improving the National System and creating a common safety approach for all states and territories.

Details of a session near you can be found on the AMSA website and you are also able to register for any of these events. Alternatively, if you cannot attend one of these sessions, please email AMSA Consultation with your feedback.

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