Search operation for Malaysia airlines aircraft: Update 9

Friday 21 March 2014
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority search operation for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has concluded for today without any sightings.
Media Release

The Australian Defence Force, the US Navy, a commercial jet and merchant ships supported today's search effort in a 23,000 square kilometre search in the Australian Search and Rescue Region.

AMSA's focus continues to be on locating any survivors on board the flight and searching for possible objects that could be connected to the missing aircraft or discounting them.

Search conditions improved on Friday with visibility much better than on Thursday. The weather was fair.

A number of military aircraft have assisted in the search to date, including four RAAF P3 Orions, one US Navy P8 Poseidon, and a New Zealand P3 Orion.

The Royal Australian Navy's HMAS Success is en route to the search area.

Two merchant ships are now in the search area.

AMSA will provide media updates when further information is available. Email