Search operations ceased for man overboard—Western Australia

Monday 28 July 2014
AMSA has ceased search operations for a 41 year-old seafarer who fell overboard from the vessel MT Sigma Integrity in the early hours of the morning on Sunday 27 July 2014.
Media Release

On Sunday 27 July, AMSA was alerted to a man overboard from the Liberian registered oil tanker MT Sigma Integrity about 107 nautical miles north-west of Carnarvon, in the Australian Search and Rescue Region.

AMSA issued a broadcast to shipping to which two merchant vessels, MV Venus and MV Vil Atlantic responded and proceeded to the search area to conduct a surface search. AMSA also tasked the Perth-based AMSA Dornier search aircraft to proceed to the search area and conduct a visual search.

Further searching was conducted by two Exmouth-based Bristow helicopters tasked by AMSA.

MV Sigma Integrity continued to search overnight and during the day on Monday 28 July. AMSA’s Dornier also conducted two more flights over the search area on Monday 28 July without making any sightings of the man overboard.

AMSA has consulted with medical experts specialising in survivability. The expert medical advice has indicated that even under the best circumstances, there is now no realistic prospect of survival.

Search operations have now ceased.