Search underway for overdue helicopter

Monday 9 November 2015
AMSA Search and Rescue is coordinating the search for an overdue helicopter believed to be on a trip between Breeza (South west of Tamworth) and Northern Sydney.
Media Release

AMSA was informed on Monday morning that the twin engine helicopter with three people on board had not been heard from since it left Breeza on Saturday evening.

The flight should have taken about two hours.

The current search area stretches from Hunter Valley to Northern Sydney.

AMSA Search and Rescue officers are attempting to gain further information to narrow the search area.

No mayday call or emergency beacon signal has been detected.

AMSA’s dedicated Dornier 328 Search and Rescue plane is searching the northern part of the assumed flight path and will be involved in this afternoon’s search.

A rescue helicopter is searching the southern part of the assumed track.

An additional seven helicopters are planned to join the search this afternoon.