Torres Strait Maritime Pathways Project heads to Tasmania

Wednesday 28 May 2014
A group of 12 local students left the warmth of the Torres Strait for the colder climates of Launceston, Tasmania last weekend.
Students receiving instruction in handling and packaging seafood products

The students were recently selected to take part in the next evolution of training delivered under the Torres Strait Maritime Pathways Project (TSMPP), an initiative supported by the Torres Strait Regional Authority’s Economic Development Program. 

The Certificate III in Fishing Operations exists to provide specialised seafood industry training for students who wish to undertake roles either owning or operating primary fishing vessels, or in onshore support industries such as freezer and transport facilities. It also includes Nationally Accredited Instruction in handling, packaging, sale and distribution of seafood products; Certificate III level planning; and business units with a focus on the seafood industry. 

The course is being conducted at the Australian Maritime College (AMC) in Launceston, in their Beauty Pointy Seafood Processing Facility and on board the AMC training vessel MV Blue Fin.  The two-week course will enable the students to build on other maritime qualifications already gained under the TSMPP.

A number of the students will undertake a further three-week course in wild harvest dive operations. This course, with the theory component taught at AMC and practical component on the Barrier Reef off Cairns, will focus on training in safe methods of free dive and scuba or surface-supplied dive operations; and locating, capturing and handling of wild harvest resources. 

These courses are being delivered with the assistance of Maritime Safety Queensland and AMSA and will provide students with the skills and knowledge to contribute to local industry as seafood industry business owners, skilled and safe operators, and by providing local maritime support services.

AMC training vessel MV Blue Fin
AMC training vessel MV Blue Fin

Course participants and trainers
Course participants and trainers