Updated marine notice on exhaust gas cleaning systems in Australian waters

Monday 17 October 2022
We have issued an updated marine notice on requirements for the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems in Australian waters.
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The purpose of this marine notice is to advise vessel owners, operators and masters of Australia’s requirements for the use of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) to support compliance with the sulphur limit of 0.50 mass per cent concentration (m/m) in fuel oil as required by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) Annex VI and Australia’s domestic law. 

The updated marine notice provides guidance on the approval and operation of EGCS to comply with the new IMO 2021 Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (resolution MEPC.340(77)), which superseded the 2015 guidelines from 1 June 2022. AMSA is no longer seeking information on the EGCS a vessel is using prior to its first arrival. 

For more information read Marine Notice 2022/12 on the AMSA website.