We have updated our oil spill sampling and forensics kits

Tuesday 19 October 2021
Until now, our inspectors would get an oil spill sampling kit out of the cupboard, check it had its six sample jars, collect evidence from the water and all the spaces and bunkers on ships.
New testing kit

Even six jars weren’t usually enough – each ship could have dozens of different places to get a sample from.

Our new sampling kits are different. Designed in collaboration with a laboratory that analyses the samples, they recognise that today’s technology means ‘less is more’. A sample can now be as small as ten microlitres (0.01 mL or one fiftieth of a teaspoon).

Instead of just a couple of unlabelled jars, each kit now has 62 x 30ml jars, all etched with unique identifiers. This will enable us to collect a more complete set of samples on which to base a decision. The samples can also be collected dry, on new oil-loving and water-repelling Teflon swabs, where a barely visible smear is enough.

New testing kit

The new kits will be delivered to AMSA regional offices in the coming weeks. They come in a blue AMSA Evidence cool box, are easy to handle, very sturdy and completely interchangeable with the previous sampling kits. The instructions, labels, waterproof notebook and all safety gear are included.