Working Boats issue 16 is now available

Wednesday 31 July 2019

The July 2019 edition of Working Boats shines a spotlight on creating safe workplaces, as well as some examples of what can go wrong when safety isn't at the forefront.


Working Boats is a quarterly magazine about Australia's commercial maritime industry. In this edition, fisherman Joseph Smythe talks about how falling overboard changed the way he approaches safety and Steve Williams give us some handy tips on deploying and surviving in life rafts. 

We also speak to SeaLink's Chris Ha about managing safety on a combined freight and passenger service; and to Polaris Marine's Steve Kennedy about what sort of planning goes into a long-distance ocean towage operation. 

It's whale season, and we also speak to whale researchers from Western Australia and a whale watching operator from Queensland.  

This and much more ... 

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