Your chance to help improve the efficiency of maritime safety regulation

Thursday 30 May 2013
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is seeking public input to identify any unnecessary, disproportionate or obsolete administrative burdens that may result from compliance with IMO instruments.
IMO Headquarters, London

The IMO is identifying these administrative requirements with a view to reducing or removing unnecessary or out-dated requirements to improve the efficiency of maritime safety regulation for users and administrators. The consultation period is open until 31 October 2013. Submissions can be made directly to the IMO.

The IMO welcomes input from all stakeholders, but particularly those directly involved in administering or complying with IMO instruments such as: maritime companies and owners; manufacturers and equipment suppliers; masters and ships' crews; port authorities; recognised organisations; shipbuilders and repairers; and shippers.

The IMO circular letter provides more information on the purpose of the consultation, how to make a submission and how the input will be used by the IMO to improve the efficiency of IMO instruments.

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