AMSA update—2018 editions

The 2018 editions of AMSA update are available for your reference.

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February 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Simplifying the vessel survey regime
  • Changes to survey services in the Northern Territory
  • Existing vessels moving to modern safety equipment standards
  • Last days to have your say on float-free EPIRBs!
  • Certificate of competency exemptions extended to 2020
  • Register now to attend NAV18
  • January incidents

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March 2018 edition

In this issue:

  • Updates to Exemption 06: Periodic survey, equipment certification and compass adjustment
  • Updates to Exemption 07: temporary operations
  • Working Boats magazine out now
  • Fishing vessel stability
  • February incidents
  • What will the future maritime industry look like?

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April 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Consultation is now open—proposed changes to the vessel survey regime arrangements
  • Register now for NAV18!
  • Changes to services for the domestic commercial vessel industry
  • Changes to codeine requirements
  • Update to exemption 06—periodic survey, equipment certification and compass adjustment
  • Update to exemption 07—temporary operations
  • How much do you know about your fuel?

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May 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Have your say on vessels being used as short-term marina accommodation
  • April incidents
  • Nominate now for the 2018 Australian Search and Rescue Award
  • Safety management system verification project
  • Coming events

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June 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Transfer of national system services—timeline
  • Maritime safety services—we’re getting ready to do business
  • Survey changes—what you need to know
  • National system certificates—valid until expiry date
  • Locating containers lost from YM Efficiency
  • Appropriate crewing for your operation 
  • May incidents
  • Coming events

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June 2018 second edition

In this edition:

  • National system—fees now available
  • National system—services changing on 1 July
  • Unique vessel identifiers
  • Extension to Exemption 04 (recreational use) until 30 June 2020
  • Extension to Exemption 39 (lifejacket lights) until 30 June 2020
  • New requirements for operational safety
  • Coming events

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July 2018 edition

No national system levy for three years

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July 2018 second edition

In this edition:

  • We’re delivering national system services
  • Change of vessel ownership
  • Requesting a unique vessel identifier
  • Certificate of operation—are you exempt?
  • Certificate of survey—are you exempt?
  • New surveyor engagement process
  • New Australia Post locations
  • June incidents
  • Coming events

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August 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Mandatory float-free EPIRBs
  • Connect with us
  • Not sure if you have a domestic commercial vessel?
  • Safety management systems—what do I need to do?
  • Payment processing times for certificate services and exemptions
  • Displaying unique vessel identifiers
  • July incidents
  • Coming events

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September 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Unique identifiers for human-powered and small sail vessels
  • Displaying unique vessel identifiers
  • Change of vessel ownership
  • Now available AMSA's schedule for consultation and regulatory changes
  • August incidents

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October 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Recreational use of your commercial vessel
  • New resource available—getting out of a hook-up situation
  • Safe access to moored vessels
  • Seacare Authority mental health workshops 
  • September incidents
  • Working Boats magazine is now available

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December 2018 edition

In this edition:

  • Tell us what you think—electrical safety on your vessel
  • Have your say—should vessels under 7.5 metres carry a float-free EPIRB?
  • Do you know your general safety duties?
  • November incidents
  • AMSA services over the Christmas holiday break

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