AMSA update—2020 editions

The 2020 editions of AMSA update are available for your reference.

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December 2020

In this edition:

  • Trepang Fisheries have float-free EPIRBs on their fishing vessels—don’t wait to get yours!
  • Every passenger counts—watch the information session now!
  • More about tenders—tenders without a parent vessel
  • November incidents

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November 2020

In this edition:

  • What you need to know about tenders
  • Watch the video—Every passenger counts
  • Don’t wait to order your float-free EPIRB
  • National Safety Committee focuses on safer vessels and operations
  • Don’t wait—high demand anticipated in 2021 and 2022 for STCW training courses and medical fitness
  • Incidents

Read the November 2020 edition.

September 2020

In this edition:

  • Domestic Commercial Vessel—Annual Incident Report (January–December 2019)
  • Upward trend in float-free EPIRB registrations in July
  • AMSA’s National Compliance Plan 2020-21
  • AMSA has now published its Annual Regulatory Program for 2020-21
  • REMINDER all National Law general exemptions have been extended until 30 June 2025
  • Submit your expression of interest for AMSA’s National Safety Committee
  • July incidents

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July 2020 edition

In this edition:

  • Workplace health and safety laws on domestic commercial vessels
  • Changes to EPIRB requirements
  • Every passenger counts
  • REMINDER all National Law exemptions have been extended until 30 June 2025
  • June incidents

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June 2020 edition

In this edition:

  • Closing soon: 2020 Australian SAR awards 
  • Changes to EPIRB requirements
  • Extension to all National Law exemptions
  • AMSA offices reopen
  • #seafarersarekeyworkers
  • New requirements to improve passenger safety 
  • May incidents
  • Have your say on our performance

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May 2020 edition

In this edition:

  • Reminder to wear lifejackets
  • APL England container loss 
  • Look after your EPIRB
  • Changes to EPIRB requirements
  • May Working Boats is here!
  • Social distancing for vessels 
  • Every passenger counts—new safety sticker available
  • Operating a DCV
  • April incidents
  • Operation Recovery: YM Efficiency update
  • Resources

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April 2020 edition 
  • Extension of Certificate of Competency renewals
  • 2020 Australian Search and Rescue awards
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Ask us about passenger safety
  • Update on Australia's DGPS service
  • Operation Recovery: YM Efficiency update
  • Now available—updated equipment guides for surveyed vessels
  • February incidents
  • Upcoming events

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March edition—Our operations during the COVID-19 event

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority like other businesses across Australia has been affected by the ongoing response to COVID-19.

We are continuing to provide regulatory services to our customers and the wider community, and our priorities remain—ensuring safe vessel operations, combating marine pollution and responding to people in distress.

We have plans and processes in place to ensure our core business operations continue during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re committed to delivering core services during this time.

Find out more by reading the full AMSA update.

February 2020 edition
  • New requirements for vessels carrying passengers
  • Fuel carriage ban from 1 March
  • Discontinuation of AMSA DGPS
  • Download your equipment list today
  • YM Efficiency community sessions 
  • Stow it, don't throw it sticker is now available
  • Working together on patrol
  • January incidents
  • Upcoming events

Read AMSA Update February edition.

January 2020 edition
  • January Working Boats is here
  • Get on My Boat
  • New equipment guides for non-survey vessels
  • YM Efficiency community information sessions
  • Have your say—consultation on passenger safety and Marine order 504
  • Low sulphur fuel suppliers
  • December incidents

Read January 2020 edition.

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