AMSA is required under the Australian Government Regulatory Burden Measurement framework to give consideration to the compliance costs imposed on businesses, community organisations and individuals as a result of proposed regulatory changes.

The Regulatory Burden Measurement framework considers the regulatory costs and savings resulting from regulations on businesses, community organisations and individuals. Costs are measured over a 10‐year time frame against business as usual costs. Costs include administrative, operational, time and delay costs. Some costs are excluded, such as fees paid to government and the costs of international treaty obligations. Further details about the framework and costing methodology are provided at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

This regulatory costing has been prepared consistent with the requirements of the framework. It shows each compliance cost covered by the framework and explains the cost calculations, including the assumptions and data sources used. Stakeholder comments are invited on the regulatory costing.

The regulatory costing includes the following information:

  • Table A which provides a summary table showing the outcomes of this regulatory costing for each stakeholder group.
  • The estimated additional regulatory costs or savings incurred by businesses as a result of the proposed changes to regulations.

Download and print the annual regulatory cost tables (PDF 366 KB) (PDF 365.24 KB)

Table A: Summary of estimated total annual net regulatory costs from this proposal

Stakeholder group Total annual net costs
Businesses $735,260
Community organisations -
Individuals -
Total $735,260

Estimated annual regulatory costs and savings to businesses