Professional growth

We are committed to nurturing your development and helping you reach your goals.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning plays an important role in facilitating innovation and ensuring we have a robust and adaptable workforce.

"I've always been drawn to the water, so when I got the opportunity to undertake a Certificate 1 and 2 in Maritime Operations, I jumped at it. This passion also led me to volunteer with Marine Rescue NSW which has given me opportunities to branch out and meet new people.

I hope to continue my development by undertaking a Master <24m Near Coastal Certificate of Competency and appreciate the flexibility AMSA has given me to pursue my passions".

- Harry, AMSA Contact Centre team

Study assistance

Through our study assistance program, you have access to study leave and may be eligible to have the cost of your studies covered by AMSA.

"AMSA has supported me while studying my Master's degree at the Australian National University. Access to study leave has been amazing, I have had the full support of my manager and team to take time to complete my courses, which made it much easier to balance my workload and study."

- Grace, AMSA International & Domestic Engagement team

Professional memberships

We recognise the importance of continuous professional development, so if you are interested in becoming a member of a professional association that's related to your field of work, we'll cover the cost of your membership.

Secondment opportunities

We've partnered with JAWUN to provide our staff opportunities to support Indigenous communities on the ground. Open to high-performing and resilient employees, JAWUN offers the opportunity to work alongside an Indigenous partner organisation for six weeks, immersing participants in the culture and helping the organisation develop and deliver purposeful community projects.

Jeanne started her secondment in Central Australia with the Purple House, an Indigenous-owned and operated health care organisation which runs 19 remote clinics and two mobile dialysis units. They offer remote dialysis, social support, aged care, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services, and a bush medicine social enterprise called Bush Balm.

Jeanne on secondment with Purple House in Central Australia

Through her secondment, Jeanne supported the implementation of a new workflow technology that will be used by the Purple House staff to improve the efficiency of their processes.

"I'm always interested in opportunities to work with people to improve their environments or the services offered by government to community. I enjoy working with people to enhance their way of working and living.

My personal goals are aligned to the objectives of the Jawun program - to facilitate long term partnerships driving Indigenous-led change resulting in a 2- way transfer of knowledge and skills."

- Jeanne, Coffs Harbour Business Planning & Support

Rewards and recognition

With a formal rewards and recognition program we encourage our leaders to recognise and acknowledge exceptional performance and contribution in categories such as diversity and inclusion, leadership, innovation and living our values.

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Monday 13 November 2023