Regulator Performance Framework self assessment report 2017–18

We undertook the third annual self-assessment of our performance against the Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) in August 2018.
AMSA 305
12 December 2018

The self-assessment was informed by:

  • the draft 2017–18 AMSA annual performance statements
  • AMSA's 2016–17 RPF self-assessment report
  • a report on the 2017 RPF external review of port State control related assessments
  • the annual results of AMSA’s RPF customer survey
  • the professional knowledge and experience of AMSA's Executive team.

The 2017–18 self-assessment results broadly indicate that AMSA management:

  • believes it has made solid, tangible progress over the past year—notably in the lead up to the national system go-live date of 1 July 2018
  • is very aware that there is room for improvement across the range of RPF KPIs, particularly in relation to the domestic commercial vessel industry.

The impact of the domestic commercial vessel industry on perceptions of AMSA's regulatory performance is again evident in the 2017–18 RPF customer survey results. The implementation of the national system for the domestic commercial vessel industry appears to be generating an ambivalent and possibly negative sentiment towards AMSA, and increasing levels of frustration.

We continue to be fortunate that the daily interactions of our staff with stakeholders and our strong broader reputation contributes to a positive overall perception and a ‘buffer’ of goodwill.

However, AMSA management is very aware that ongoing goodwill is not guaranteed—and is focused on addressing the issues highlighted by the domestic commercial vessel industry and successfully delivering the national system.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Last updated: 15 March 2021