Statement of regulatory approach 2022

We are committed to supporting our regulated community. This statement describes how we will do that.
9 November 2022
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AMSA is Australia’s national maritime regulator – an independent statutory authority established by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990 (AMSA Act) to: 

  • promote maritime safety; 
  • protect the marine environment from pollution from ships and other environmental damage caused by shipping; 
  • preserve life through a national search and rescue service; and 
  • promote the efficient provision of services by the Authority. 

This statement outlines AMSA’s approach to fulfilling our regulatory duties and delivering AMSA’s Statement of Intent, finalised on 11 January 2022.

Consultative and collaborative

AMSA seeks to have effective and respectful two-way communications with our regulated community, so we can address risks and problem areas and seize opportunities to do better. We welcome the active involvement of a diverse range of stakeholders to co-design solutions and help generate innovative approaches. 

Clear communication

Clear communication helps the regulated community comply with our requirements and the broader public to understand our approach. AMSA publishes relevant guidance about the regulatory action we take, an annual program of compliance action that we plan to conduct, and our annual regulatory reform program.  We are transparent about our decision-making and how we exercise our powers.  

Risk-based, data-driven and proportionate

A risk-based and data-driven framework helps us to identify, analyse, prioritise and respond to risk and work is underway to strengthen that framework. It assists in determining where to focus compliance responses so that those who demonstrate a safety culture and are compliant, are rewarded by reduced regulatory intervention. It also assists us to put our resources where they are needed. 

Continuous improvement

AMSA is committed to continuous improvement, as part of best practice regulation. We periodically review our regulatory settings and performance, including through risk monitoring and feedback. We seek opportunities to simplify requirements and administrative processes, move to outcomes-based regulation where possible, and reduce regulatory burden.  

Independent and consistent

In line with our vision and mission, AMSA acts independently and takes action that is impartial and objective. We apply principles of good decision making, including acting fairly and in accordance with natural justice and procedural fairness.  

Respect and comply with international obligations

AMSA performs its functions in a manner consistent with Australia’s international obligations. We have regard to the conventions and other treaties to which Australia is a party. We seek to influence international maritime standards and obligations at international forums, including the International Maritime Organization. 

Effective interactions with other government bodies and regulators

AMSA works collaboratively with State and Territory workplace health and safety authorities, other maritime safety bodies, port authorities and other regulators to accomplish our objectives. This includes considering the impact of all regulators in a sector and working to minimise the compliance cost of regulation on businesses and individuals. 

Last updated: 9 November 2022