Incomplete application policy for international and near coastal seafarer certificates and endorsements

We will not issue or revalidate or renew a certificate of competency, certificate of proficiency, certificate of safety training or endorsement if you submit an incomplete application.  

We consider an incomplete application will have any of the following:

  • missing course completion statement(s) 
  • missing valid first aid certificate
  • incomplete evidence of sea service
  • sections of the form not complete 
  • incorrect contact details such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, etc.
  • missing or out of date medical certificate
  • missing signatures 
  • missing colour passport style photograph

If the application form is not filled in correctly or required documents are missing then it will result in your application being considered incomplete. 

An email detailing the issue(s) with the application will be sent to you for your action. It is your responsibility to provide the information as quickly as possible to AMSA so the application can be processed and the certificate or endorsement issued with minimal delay.

You should note the following important points:

  • You will be given three (3) calendar months in which to address all the issues outlined in the email and resubmit a complete application or missing documentation.  The application fee will be held for this period.
  • If a complete application or missing documentation has not been received within three (3) calendar months, the application will be closed with the loss of the fee you paid and all subsequent applications will need to be paid for in FULL.
  • If you resubmit the application within three (3) calendar months and the application is still found to be incomplete, including missing documentation, the application will be closed with the loss of the fee you paid and any subsequent application will need to be paid for in FULL.
  • If you submit an application for a certificate or endorsement that you are not entitled to, you will receive a FULL refund.
  • If you, in error, apply for the same certificate or endorsement multiple times, the excess fee you paid will be refunded in FULL.
  • If you apply for a higher grade certificate that you are not entitled to, but you are entitled to a lower grade certificate, the difference in certificate cost will be refunded in FULL.

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated. By reducing the time spent on incomplete applications, we will be able to process correct applications faster and provide a better service to the maritime industry.

Last updated: 

Wednesday 1 July 2020