Navigation Act 2012

The Navigation Act 2012 is legislation which covers international ship and seafarer safety, protect the marine environment where it relates to shipping and the actions of seafarers in Australian waters.

We have the authority and responsibility for operational activities of the Navigation Act 2012.

The Navigation Act

Under the Commonwealth Administrative Arrangements Order, the Navigation Act 2012 is administered by the Minister for and the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

The Navigation Act gives effect to international conventions for maritime issues where Australia is a signatory.

The Act covers:

  • vessel survey and certification
  • construction standards
  • crewing
  • seafarers' qualifications and welfare
  • occupational health and safety
  • carriage and handling of cargoes
  • passengers
  • marine pollution prevention
  • monitoring and enforcement activities.

The Act allows delegated legislation called regulations and marine orders.

International conventions

The Navigation Act provides the legislative power for Australia to implement the following treaties developed by the International Maritime Organization, the International Labour Organization and United Nations Conferences:

Note: MARPOL requirements for the discharge of pollution are implemented by the Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution From Ships) Act 1983.

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Last updated: 4 May 2023