Superseded generic equivalent solutions for the national standard

As the national standard is updated, generic equivalent standards (GES) are being superseded.

The national standard for commercial vessels is being progressively introduced to replace the Uniform Shipping Laws Code (USL Code). As technology changes and improves, other solutions are available for meeting the standard. These are known as generic equivalent solutions (GES). They are available to address situations that may be outside the original scope of the standard, but will achieve the necessary outcomes to be compliant.

GES provide alternative ways to meet the national standard for commercial vessels. GES are made to facilitate innovation, modernisiation and emerging technologies. You can apply a GES to your vessel during design or construction or once the vessel is operating. 

As the national standard progresses, the GES will be updated. There are a number of GES which have been superseded. These superseded GES are provided for your information only. To view the current versions please visit the equivalent solutions for the national standard.

GES NumberTitlePrevious editionAmendment
GES 2016/17SOLAS life rafts equivalent to coastal life raftsDecember 2016 PDF228.58 KB 
GES 2016/16Construction of vessels from polyethyleneJuly 2016 PDF345.78 KB 
GES 2016/15Extra low voltage bilge pumpsAugust 2016 PDF186.02 KB 
GES 2016/14Highly visible coloursFebruary 2016 PDF173.29 KB 
GES 2016/13Arrangement of submersible low voltage bilge pumps without manifoldFebruary 2016 PDF154.84 KBJanuary 2017 PDF152.02 KB
GES 2015/11Capacity of open reversible life rafts when used as buoyant appliancesSeptember 2015 PDF166.5 KBJanuary 2016 PDF176.04 KB
GES 2015/12Operational wave height for high speed craftSeptember 2015 PDF142.82 KB 
GES 2017/09Use of buoyant storage devices on domestic commercial vesselsSeptember 2015 PDF145.42 KBJanuary 2017 PDF155.53 KB
GES 2015/03Alternative criteria for towing stability assessmentMay 2015 PDF215.49 KB 
GES 2015/02Compass adjustment for C,D and E watersFebruary 2015 PDF296.22 KB 
GES 2015/01Carriage of first aid supplies on domestic commercial vesselsFebruary 2015 PDF219.57 KB 
GES 2014/04Regulatory requirements for inflatable and rigid inflatable boatsNovember 2017 PDF209.18 KB 
GES 2014/03Application of ISO 12217 part 2 small craft - stability and buoyancy assessment and categorisation - sailing boats of hull length greater than or equal to six metresNovember 2014 PDF228.25 KB 
GES 2014/02Use of simplified stability criteria decked and open vessels less than 7.5 metres length carrying passengers to seaMay 2014 PDF172.72 KB 
GES 2014/01Window design and installation for vessels up to 35 metres in lengthJanuary 2014 PDF184.78 KBDecember 2016 PDF160.38 KB
GES 2010/04Thermoplastic fuel tanksNovember 2010 PDF8.55 KBFebruary 2014 PDF224.8 KB
GES 2010/02Use of AS4132 for construction of vessels using FRP or aluminiumFebruary 2014 PDF296.19 KBJuly 2016 PDF171.98 KB
Circular 2010/02Non-destructive testing procedure for ultrasonic propeller shaft inspectionFebruary 2014 PDF244.01 KB 
GES 2010/01Exhaust systemsFebruary 2014 PDF199.5 KB 
Circular 05-01Tinting of navigational space windowsJune 2014 PDF278.6 KB 
Last updated: 14 April 2021