Transitional arrangements for people holding a Mate <80m Near Coastal certificate

With the introduction of a new revised Marine Order 505 (Certificates of competency) on 1 January 2023 following extensive industry consultation, the old Mate <80m Near Coastal certificates of competency (CoC) will be phased out and replaced by a Master <24m Near Coastal CoC.

The difference between the duties the holder can perform are outlined below:

  • NSCV Part D allowed the holder of a Mate <80m NC to act as second in command of a commercial vessel <80 m operating in the EEZ.
  • This CoC will be replaced by a Master <24m NC that will allow the holder to perform the following duties:
    • command a vessel <24 m long <EEZ
    • act as chief mate on a vessel <45 m long <EEZ
    • act as deck watchkeeper on a vessel <100 m and <3000 GT <EEZ
    • act as chief mate on a vessel <100 m and <3000 GT in inshore waters
    • undertake the duties and perform the functions of a General Purpose Hand NC and Master (Inland waters) NC

Some persons holding a current Mate<80m may need a specific exemption to work on larger vessels than the new CoC permits, or work towards a higher certificate if their employer requires them to be second in command on a vessel between 45m and 80m in length.

Specific exemptions will be considered for persons where their current work requires them to perform duties not covered by the Master <24m CoC.

AMSA will be contacting these persons over the coming months and working closely with them to ensure they remain on track for career progression.

For more detailed information, read the guidelines PDF1.12 MB document on the new revised Marine Order 505.

Last updated: 2 November 2022