Invoicing AMSA

AMSA’s invoicing process is changing. From 1 March 2022, all invoices for AMSA must be emailed as a PDF attachment to our new centralised email address ( for automated processing. This will ensure invoices are processed more quickly for payment.


Please note this automated email inbox is unread and is for invoice submissions only.

How to format your invoice for AMSA?

To benefit from our automated processing, you may need to update the format of your invoices:

  • Business Hub name – Include the phrase ‘Business Hub’ followed by the relevant business area name we provide you. From 1 March 2022, the Business Hub name will be provided to suppliers by our purchasing officers whenever an order is placed, or a new purchase order is created.
  • Purchase Order number – If your invoice relates to a purchase order, include the phrase ‘Purchase Order’ followed by the purchase order number we provide you. 

Each invoice should only relate to a single purchase order. If there are additional items that are not related to the purchase order, these should be in a separate invoice.

  • Correctly rendered Tax Invoice – Your invoice should include all the information required by the Australian Taxation Office under GST laws, as well as any other information stipulated in your contract with AMSA (if you have one).
  • Save your invoice as a PDF – Your accounting software may automatically do this for you. The PDF must not be locked or password protected.

Example Tax invoice:  Please note this is an example only and invoice layout may vary. Visit the Australian Tax Office website for more details on the requirements of tax invoices.

Example invoice


Last updated: 

Tuesday 22 February 2022