Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 2000 Schedule 7A—management Plans for Commonwealth Heritage Places

LegislationSatisfied 1—Introduction
a) Establish objectives for the identification, protection, conservation, presentation and transmission of the Commonwealth Heritage values of the place; andSection 1 – Introduction
b) Provide a management framework that includes reference to any statutory requirements and agency mechanisms for the protection of the Commonwealth heritage values of the place; andSection 1 – Introduction
c) Provide a comprehensive description of the place, including information about its location, physical features, condition, historical context and current uses; and

Section 2 – Montague Island Lightstation site

Section 3 – History

Section 4 – Fabric

d) Provide a description of the Commonwealth heritage values and any other heritage values of the place; andSection 5 – Heritage significance
e) Describe the condition of the Commonwealth heritage values of the place; and
Section 5 – Heritage significance
f) Describe the method used to assess the Commonwealth Heritage values of the place; andSection 5 – Heritage significance
g) Describe the current management requirements and goals including proposals for change and any potential pressures on the Commonwealth heritage values of the place; andSection 6 – Opportunities and constraints
(h) Have policies to manage the Commonwealth heritage values of a place, and include in those policies, guidance in relation to the following: 
i. The management and conservation processes to be used;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 1, 2, 3, 5, 6,
10, 11, 14)
ii. The access and security arrangements, including access to the area for indigenous people to maintain cultural traditions;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 3)
iii. The stakeholder and community consultation and liaison arrangements;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 15, 17)
iv. The policies and protocols to ensure that indigenous people participate in the management process;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 17)
v. The protocols for the management of sensitive information;N/A
vi. The planning and management of works, development, adaptive reuse and property divestment proposals;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 16)
vii. How unforeseen discoveries or disturbances of heritage are to be managed;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 12)
viii. How, and under what circumstances, heritage advice is to be obtained;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 10, 11)
ix. How the condition of Commonwealth heritage values is to be monitored and reported;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 5, 6, 7, 14)
xi. The research, training and resources needed to improve management;Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 8, 13)
xii. How heritage values are to be interpreted and promoted; andSection 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 4)
(j) Show how the implementation of policies will be monitored; andSection 8 – Heritage implementation schedule
(k) Show how the management plan will be reviewed.

Section 7 – Conservation management policies (Policy 18)

Section 8 – Heritage Implementation Schedule