8.1 Heritage implementation plan

Key issue
Management action/taskPoliciesResponsibilityPriorityTimeframe

Conservation and preservation



Conserve the lightstation.

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10,

11, 14

Review the heritage management plan every five years.18AMSAMedium

Once every five

years (minimum)

Make available this plan to all relevant personnel.8, 13AMSAHighOngoing
Liaison dealingsIf applicable, ensure communication is maintained with adjacent landowners.15AMSAMediumAs required
Consult with Indigenous and community stakeholders in preparing the management plan.17AMSAMediumAs required
Heritage valuesConsider heritage values when proposing new planning and/or developments.5, 6, 7, 14AMSAHighOngoing
Ensure process of re-use/ divestment of the site recognises and preserves heritage values.16AMSAHighAs required
Conduct heritage monitoring site visit and review Heritage Asset Condition Report every two years1AMSA and chosen maintenance contractorHighOngoing

Staff and community awareness


Provide relevant training and awareness for management personnel (contractors and site-users).9AMSAMediumAs required

Ensure the availability of accurate and relevant

information on the history and significance of the lightstation for site-users/ visitors.


Maintain adequate record-keeping of historical, management

and maintenance documents (make available these records).

Expert heritage adviceEnsure knowledge and advice of heritage experts is utilised.10, 11AMSAMediumOngoing
Lighthouse maintenanceSchedule periodic maintenance.1AMSAHighOngoing

The implementation of unforeseen discovery or disturbance processes in the event of

an accidental discovery.

12AMSAMediumAs required
Lightstation accessSecure appropriate access to lightstation for contractor and visitors.3AMSAMediumOngoing

8.2 Monitoring and Reporting

As stipulated by Schedule 7A of the EPBC Regulations (2000), the outlined implementation plan and associated policies listed above are required to be monitored and updated accordingly. This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring the implementation plan and policies are readily available for all relevant personnel. Delegating AMSA staff to periodically check the implementation plan is up-to-date and being utilised appropriately by the relevant personnel.
  • Ensuring the timeframes outlined within the plan are followed.
  • Delegating AMSA Response staff to review this plan and the associated policies at least every five years and determine whether its contents are relevant and effective in terms of continuing to conserve the place.