Domestic seafarer or crew

To work on a commercial vessel in Australia you need a current certificate of competency or an exemption.

About certificates of competency

You can now apply for a certificate of competency through AMSA. Read more about certificates of competency.

Certificate of competency application form

The certificate of competency application form 426 allows you to:

  • apply for a new certificate
  • revalidate your certificate
  • apply to replace a lost or stolen or damaged certificate
  • apply for a national law equivalent to your old certificate
  • remove a restriction or add an endorsement to your certificate
  • change your name on your certificate.

Go to form 426 to apply for a certificate of competency.

Lodging your application

Certificate of competency exemptions

You may be eligible for an exemption to hold a certificate of competency. Check the list of exemptions for domestic qualifications.

Types of domestic qualifications

There are different certificates that allow you to perform duties relating to navigating vessels, working with the machinery of vessels, and more. Find out about getting the right certificate to allow you to do your job on a vessel in Australian waters.

Qualifying sea service

Check the qualifying near coastal sea service information to find out more about sea service requirements for domestic qualifications, how to calculate and record your sea service for your certificate of competency, and check recognition of other types of sea service.

Task books

You can use a task book to record your sea service, training and experience on board a vessel. Read more about using and purchasing task books.

Seafarer welfare

You can report health and safety concerns to us. Under the Maritime Labour Convention, if you cannot resolve operational health and safety issues using the onboard ship procedures, you can contact us for help. Find out about your health and safety rights if you are working on a commercial vessel and have a complaint you have been unable to resolve. Read about the role of the Australian Seafarers' Welfare Council.

Last Updated: 

14 May 2019