International crew

Make sure you know your health and safety rights when onboard a vessel.
International crew

You are considered international crew if you are working on an Australian or non-Australian vessel in Australian or international waters and you hold a certificate issued in accordance with the STCW Convention. You can hold either Australian citizenship, or citizenship of any other nation.

International qualifications and training

If you are an Australian working on an international vessel, you will need the appropriate qualifications. You can apply for new qualifications, get endorsements, or revalidate your current qualifications if you want to work on an international vessel in Australia, or an Australian vessel which operates internationally.

Start by getting a Certificate of safety training. This an entry level certificate which you will need before you get any other qualifications.

Find out about other international qualifications you may need for your work.

Health and safety

We are responsible for seafarer health and safety issues on prescribed vessels engaged in trade on international voyages. We also ensure the safety of seafarers on board foreign flagged ships in Australian ports.

You can make a complaint to us about your treatment on board the vessel you are working on under the Maritime Labour Convention. Use the Maritime Labour Convention on-shore complaint form

Marine notices

Marine notices provide information relevant to the shipping and broader maritime community on a range of important issues. While marine notices have no legal standing, they provide important safety-related information, general guidance, or details about forthcoming changes to legislation.

View the list of marine notices or subscribe to receive emails about new marine notices. 

Last Updated: 

21 March 2019