Australian Vessel Traffic Services award nomination form

The Australian Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Award recognises outstanding contribution by a VTS. This contribution should be something more that their normal operational scope. 

The contribution can be in one of the following areas of operation: 

  • the safety of life at sea
  • safety and efficiency of navigation
  • protection of the marine environment 


The award is for contributions made during 2020. 

The award is open to VTS authorities, VTS centres and individuals employed by VTS authority. 


You can use the online form below or you can download and print a PDF version of the nomination form (PDF 164 KB)

You can find information about the nomination process on our website.

Submissions close 5pm Sunday 21 February 2020.

Nominee classification

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Nomination evidence

You can upload files to support your evidence.

These can be: 

  • photographs
  • reports
  • letters
  • witness contact detail
  • multimedia files such as incident replays, voice files or screen captures.

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