Consultation—Marine order 64 (Vessel traffic services) 2022

Closed on 3 April 2022.

Help shape regulations for Vessel Traffic Services in Australia

Marine order 64 (Vessel traffic services) contains requirements for the authorisation of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) providers under the Navigation Act. It also deals with the accreditation of VTS training organisations and approval of their model courses, as well as reporting requirements for ship masters to VTS providers. 

The proposed draft of Marine order 64 has been updated to align with the provisions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) resolution A.1158(32) containing Guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services and incorporate other administrative changes.  

The IMO resolution A.1158(32) Guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services was adopted by the IMO in December 2021, replacing Resolution A.857(20) as adopted in 1997. 

Who will these changes affect? 

  • VTS providers 
  • VTS training organisations. 

When will the proposed changes come into effect? 

It is intended that the new Marine order 64 (Vessel traffic services) 2022 will commence on 1 July 2022. 

Key changes

The key changes to the marine order are as follows. For more detail refer to the summary of changes and draft marine order. 

  • To align with the provisions of the revised IMO Guidelines for vessel traffic services:  
    • all references to ‘VTS services’ (Information Service, Traffic Organisation Service and Navigational Assistance Service) have been removed 
    • references to IALA standards have been added, specifically in relation to the establishment and operation of VTS 
    • an option for VTS providers to conduct recurrent training courses with approval from AMSA for revalidation of VTS qualifications has been added 
  • The requirements for VTS training organisations to be a ‘registered training organisation’ have been amended 
  • The marine order has been formatted and restructured in line with the most current drafting style, in addition to updated definitions and removal of repetitions. 

It is proposed the draft marine order will come into effect on 1 July 2022.