AMSA 1850

Apply for a certificate of medical fitness as a domestic seafarer (AMSA Form 1850)


AMSA Form 1850 replaces AMSA Form 559

When do I need a certificate of medical fitness?

You will need a certificate of medical fitness if you are applying for:

  • any new or equivalent domestic certificate of competency
  • any renewal of a high complexity domestic certificate of competency
  • any renewal of a low complexity certificate and you have answered yes to any of the questions in the medical declaration in your Certificate of competency renewal application form 426.

Form 1850 is used for domestic or near coastal certificate of competency applications. It lets us know that you are medically fit for working at sea. For international marine qualifications use AMSA form 303.


How to complete this form

Print AMSA Form 1850.

Book an appointment with a specialised GP. You may need to also book an appointment with an optometrist (for the eyesight section only). They will need to assess your medical fitness against the standards and fill in this form.

Take the form, your proof of ID and the Standards for the medical assessment of near coastal seafarers with you to your appointment.

Bring your proof of ID with you. At your appointment, you must provide your Optometrist and/or GP with a proof of identity which may include a:

  • passport
  • driver's licence
  • other photo ID.

Your Optometrist and/or GP will need to assess you against the Standards. They will need to:

  • read the Standards
  • check your identity
  • examine you
  • fill out the form
  • sign it
  • return the completed Certificate of medical fitness to you. 

Submitting the form

Once completed, submit this form with your Certificate of competency application form 426.

Lodge both forms at an AMSA-contracted Australia post outlet. If you are completing a training course, some registered training organisations can submit your application for you.

If you live in a remote rural location or cannot access an Australia Post outlet, please contact AMSA Connect.

More information

Specific requirements for your certificate of competency can be found on the page for that certificate. Find your certificate if competency in Domestic certification.

Last updated: 24 July 2023