AMSA 201

Application for certificate of entitlement to fly the national flag and red ensign


You can use this form to make an application for a certificate of entitlement that allows you to fly the national flag and red ensign.

Eligibility criteria 

  1. The address must be:
    • Residential address – for an individual
    • Registered office address – for a company
    • Principal place of business – for a statutory body or foreign company.
  2. Nationality – if a body corporate, the country in which incorporated
  3. Basis for nationality claim – birth or naturalisation
  4. Number of shares – indicate if shares are jointly owned. There are a total of 64 shares in a ship.

How to complete this form 

If the applicant is a corporation, the document may be formally executed under the corporate seal. Alternatively, an officer of the corporation may sign it, endorse it with a legible statement of his/her name and designation and have the signature witnessed.

Submitting the form 

Complete the form, read the relevant guide and refer to the schedule of fees to make your payment before submitting your form to:

The Registrar of Ships
Shipping Registration Office

Postal address:
PO Box 2181
Canberra City ACT 2601

Courier address:
Level 3, 82 Northbourne Avenue,
Braddon, ACT 2612, Australia
Telephone (02) 6279 5925
Facsimile (02) 6279 5922

Additional information 

Last Updated: 

24 November 2020