AMSA 521

Application for a certificate of survey and/or load line certificate for a domestic commercial vessel


You can use this form to:

We can only process applications where we have been provided the completed survey report.

Access the My Boat system for guidance on how to keep your vessel compliant.

Eligibility criteria 

A certificate of survey is proof that a vessel has been surveyed and meets specified standards for design, construction, stability and safety equipment that apply to the vessel as defined in Marine Order 503 (Certificate of survey).

To be eligible for a load line certificate you must:

  • pay any fees relevant to your vessel and application
  • make sure your vessel complies with the following parts of section 7 of the USL code in relation to weathertight and watertight integrity and the marking of load lines and associated marks:
    • 2: conditions of assignment
    • 3: structural strength and stability of vessels
    • 4: initial survey
    • 5: calculations and assignment of freeboards
    • 6: marking of load lines associated marks
    • 7: periodical surveys and inspections
  • make sure your vessel has been inspected for compliance requirements under the USL code
  • ensure we are satisfied that your vessel is compliant with the requirements under the USL code
  • you have submitted to regulation inspections of your vessel each time a periodic survey inspection is carried out on your vessel
  • you have met any other conditions we have set for you under Marine Order 507 (Load line certificates—national law) 2013.

There are circumstances where you may not need to apply for one or both of these certificates. For examples and information please see our certificate of survey  and load line certificate pages.

How to complete this form 

You can complete and submit the form online or you can print out the form to complete offline.

Please attach a separate document if you need to provide additional information.

If you are applying as an organisation, please provide documentation confirming your ABN and/or ACN and business name—for example ASIC extract or trust deed.

Submitting the form 

You can submit the form online or post it to us at:
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Attention: Operations
GPO Box 2181
Canberra ACT 2601

Additional information 

See our fees page to see how much how you need to pay.

Last Updated: 

16 December 2019