AMSA 576

Application for a renewal of a certificate of survey and/or load line


This form can be used to renew a certificate of survey, a certificate of load line, or both. If you are changing anything including adding or removing service categories or making changes to your name or the vessel’s details, you should consider whether an application to vary your certificate or to replace it with a new one is needed.

How to complete this form 

You can use the link below to either:

  • complete and submit online, or
  • partially complete the form. You will be given the option to print and complete the form offline.

Attach separate documents if you need to provide additional information.

If you are applying as an organisation, please provide documentation confirming your ABN and/or ACN and business name—for example ASIC extract or trust deed.

Submitting the form 

You can submit the form online or post it to us at:

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Attention: Operations
GPO Box 2181
Canberra ACT 2601

Additional information 

Check the fees that you will need to pay.

Last Updated: 

16 December 2019