AMSA 250

Multimodal dangerous goods


You can use this form to notify us of your intention to ship dangerous goods.

Eligibility criteria

When this form is used as a container/vehicle packing certificate only, not a combined document, a dangerous goods declaration signed by the shipper or supplier must have been issued/received to cover each dangerous goods consignment packed in the container. The container/vehicle packing certificate is not required for tanks.

Submitting the form

If the dangerous goods you are transporting are to be consolidated in a cargo transport unit, you must provide a copy of this completed form to the consolidator. The consolidator will then provide a copy of the form to the master of the vessel.

In any other case, you must give a copy of the completed form to the master of the vessel.

If the completed form is requested by an inspector, you must provide a copy to the inspector at the AMSA office nearest to the port of loading. To find your nearest AMSA office, contact us.

Last updated: 9 September 2019