AMSA 245

Notification of disposed, lost or sold distress beacons


You can use this form to notify AMSA of the change of ownership for, disposal of, or loss of an Australian coded distress beacon.

Submitting the form 

You can submit the completed form by:

Email to

Post to Beacon Registration Section
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
GPO Box 2181, Canberra City, ACT 2601

Within Australia: 1800 406 329
International: +61 02 9332 6323

Additional information 

You can greatly reduce the chance of being contacted should the distress beacon be activated, by encouraging the buyer to phone our office on 1800 406 406 and register the distress beacon in their name. This will ensure that you are no longer the 24/7 emergency contact.

If you have a beacon coded with a foreign country code, or if you do not know what country code has been used, contact us for advice at:
Within Australia: 1800 406 406
International: +61 02 6279 5766

Last Updated: 

2 December 2019